Adler: They... Are Doing Their Duty.
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Adler: They... Are Doing Their Duty.

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Adler: They... Are Doing Their Duty. Wounded poilu points his good hand, thumb actually, at a line of French workers buying government bonds at a cashier's window. The "they" in the poster's title refers to both the patriotic bond buyers and the wounded vet. Equating a soldier's service with wartime bond buyers contributions was an approach used buy bond salesmen in all combatant countries. Note the wooden shoes on the feet of the worker at the head of the line. The French call them sabots. During the 19th century, French workers who were loosing their jobs because of new industrial equiptment, used to throw their wooden shoes (sabots) into the gears of new machines in the factories wrecking them in hopes that such violent actions would force their employers to rehire them. That's where our word sabotage comes from. 47x32 near mint, conservation backed.