Cosica: The New Weapons-He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best
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Cosica: The New Weapons-He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best

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Cosica's The New Weapons tried to focus on the future rather than the bleak 1944 reality. A Nazi hand gripping a scissors is pictured just about to cut a cord holding a large stone block labled "New Weapons" which dangles just above the heads of three wartime allies: a leering Tommy, a black American GI and Joseph Stalin or "Uncle Joe" as FDR naively called him. The Nazis are shown literally about to lower the boom on the unsuspecting trio. It's interesting to see that Stalin is holding his hapless allies in a Russian bear hug by digging his hands and fingernails, which are made to look like bear claws, into their shoulders. He's obviously the powerbroker in this group of strange bedfellows. The "New Weapons" mentioned in the poster's title refer to the V1 and V2 rockets that would do so much damage in London late in the war when the vengeful Germans had no chance of winning the war. East Germany was about to be overrun by the tanks of the powereful Russians and disappear into the Soviet gulag for the next 44 years. 40x28 mint condition and linen backed.


Bibliography: Roberto Guerri: Manifeste italiani, 166.