Fouqueray, Charles: African Army Day.
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Fouqueray, Charles: African Army Day.

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Charles Fouqueray: African Army Day. In an inspiring image of their fighting capabilities, native French North African troops rush into battle with chargers rearing and flags flying. This is the way that they might have fought in the North African desert, but it would be suicide on the Western Front where they had the misfortune to have been sent. In an effort to get them to charge the German lines, the French actually laid artillery barrages behind them to get them to move forward. The French ultimately decided to use Colonial troops as laborers. They were used as the road builders at Verdun. They kept the road open from rear supply depots to that embattled city. It was an important job; the French may not have held that critical fortress without their labor. 48x31 near mint condition, conservation backed.

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