Isip: The Fighting Filipinos 1943.
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Isip: The Fighting Filipinos 1943.

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Isip The Fighting Filipinos 1943. In the heat of battle, the artist portrays a wounded Filipino Scout lobbing a grenade at the Japanese who are, evidently, only a stone's throw away. The Philippine Scouts were American officered Filipino troops, part of the U.S. Army. Following the American surrender of the Philippines in May 1942, many Filipino troops dispersed into the hills of Luzon, Corregidor and Mindanao. While the American forces concentrated on driving the Japanese out of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands during 1943, the Filipino resistance movement grew. By the time the Americans were prepared to return in October 1944, nearly 250,000 guerrillas were prepared for action. Isip worked for 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures and freelanced for United Artists. Manuel R. Isip posed for his brother.  Isip was a New York artist who lived in Flushing. He reported Charles Lindberg's Atlantic Crossing for the Journal American. Scarce. 40x28 near mint, conservation backed

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