Jonas, Lucien: 1778-1783 America Owes France Great Gratitude.
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Jonas, Lucien: 1778-1783 America Owes France Great Gratitude.

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With a nod toward our shared history during the American Revolution, this delicate Parisian lithograph was printed for the wartime American viewer. It solicits aid for French war orphans. Doughboy is pictured saluting a fallen French soldier and pledges "French comrade, your children shall be as our children." The dates in the poster's title are historically significant. In 1778 the Americans defeated a large British army at Saratoga letting the skeptical French know that victory was within General Washington's grasp. He's seen here giving a wreath to French soldiers who have already been killed in action. In fact, they salute him by holding the wooden crosses that mark their graves as if they were rifles. The date 1783 is significant because that year the Treaty of Paris confirmed America's victory over the British although all fighting had actually ceased after the American victory at Yorktown in 1780. 32x24 near mint condition, conservation backed.