Phili: Liberty 1944.
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Phili: Liberty 1944.

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Poster printed in August 1944 to celebrate the successful Nomandy landings features an iconic Marianne's, the victorious personification of France. Her head is adapted from the familiar image on the Arch of Triumph in Paris. Phili highliht's joyful Marianne raising her arm skyward celebrating France's liberation. Every iconographic trick in the book can be seen in this poster.  These include wings, which Mariane has sprouted for this patriotic occassion, a Frisian cap upon which a rooster sits and the buxom figure for which this great female national icon is noted. Poster bears the imprint of the Secretary General of Information of the G.P.R.F. and notes that it was printed while France still under German occupation, igitur very rare.  62x46 near mint condition, conservation backed.