Till: Grow Wheat.
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Till: Grow Wheat.

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Till Grow Wheat. Surrounded by golden sheaves of wheat, a picture perfect famer is pictured leaning on two pronged pitchfork to show off his bumper crop. In the field beyond, a farm laborer is pictured pitching wheat up to another worker who arrages it smoothy hgh atop a dray. Poster advertises a guaranteed price and market, probably London, a net importer of wheat at the best of times and wartime was the worst of times. England was the greatest importer of food in the world. Two thirds of her imports were meat and wheat.  58% of calories consumed in Britain was sourced overseas. Wheat probably traveled from St. Geroge's Channel to Britain, entering through the western port of Liverpool. U-boats made the short voyage dangerous. The Lusitania was sunk just outside the Irish port city of Cork. The same U-boat Captain also sank a ship carrying the body of a Lusitania victim back to the United States. Rare. 30x20 near mint, conservation backed.