Vertes: With Me or Against Me
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Vertes: With Me or Against Me

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The well known artist Vertes portrays a soldier wearing a oszinozsa (aster) on their hat as a symbol of democracy. A mass demonstration in Budapest in 1918 demanded Hungarian independence. Prior to this Hungary had been the junior part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which crumbled when Hungary,  Austria and Germany lost World War I. But the Hungarians didn't get independence; they got the chaos which often engulfs conquered nations. Defeated Hungary was declared a Republic in October 1918, just before World Wwar I ended in defeat for the Central Powers. The problem was, however, that Hungary became a Communist Republic under the control of a ruthless dictator, Bela Kun, who was, like so many other Communists, to die in Stalin's gulag in 1939. After the Republic was declared, a civil war ensued that only ended when Rumanian cavalry defeated the Hungarian communists. This Republic had lasted just nine months. Even after the communist defeat, Hungary's problems persisted. The Treaty of Trianon (1920) gave away so much of Hungary's territory to its neighbors, that the long suffering Hungarians became a minority in their own coumntry! 37x25 near mint condition, conservation backed.