Vladimirov, Ivan Alexeivich: War Loan 1916.
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Vladimirov, Ivan Alexeivich: War Loan 1916.

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Ivan Alexeivich Vladimirov Everything for Victory! Sign up for the 5 1/2% War Loan 1916. In a poignant attempt to demonstrate that ammo shortages that contributed greatly to the disastrous Russian reverses in 1914-15, notably the retreat from Galacia in 1915, were now a thing of the past. Vladimirov, in his role of artist- correspondent, pictures ammo trucks with infantrymen perched on top rolling by an abandoned German pickelhaube with an unbuckled infantryman's belt and cartridge cases. The trucks are pictured on their way to the front, a part of a seemingly endless convoy. The truck in the read bears a sign that reads 'shells for the front.' By 1916 shells were sufficient but their transport was not. In 1917 the shells fell into the hands of the Reds. Very rare. 39x27 near mint, conservaion backed.