Young; F4U Corsair
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Young; F4U Corsair

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Young F4U Corsair ca.1988. Vought's F4U Corsair was one of the finest fighters ever built. Its gull-wing design gave its wings tremendous strength particularly when abruptly landing on a carrier's short deck or pulling out of a steep dive while dive bombing. At first it was thought to be too powerful to even take off from a carrier's deck. It proved its worth in the Pacific and afterward in Korea where it dive bombed Chinese artillery positions on mountain tops overlooking vital escape routes used by our marines as they retreated from the Chosin Resevoir in bitter cold weather. In this desperate instance, it was certainly a lifesaver. Production of the Corsair stopped in 1953, the year Stalin died and the Korean War ended. It's thought that this war really ended when President Eisenhower threatened Mao with nuclear war. 18x33 mint.